Pastrami-Mobile Anyone?

Ok, here’s your chance to let us know what you think.

For the past four months at the First Fridays we have shown hundreds of new customers what real New York pastrami takes like. Each month we doubled what we made the month before and each month we’ve still sold out. This past one on 10/07 we made close to 100 pounds of pastrami and it was all gone by 9pm!

Our pastrami is our signature sandwich here and so many of you have told us you come to the First Fridays just to get our pastrami sandwiches since you can’t get to us during our regular hours. So…that got us to thinking…..should we go “mobile” a day or two a week?

Would you like to see our Pastrami-Mobile come to your place of business for lunch? Do you work at a large office complex, medical center, etc. that would allow us to set up our mobile food truck at your site?

There’s a lot of work, licensing and money that goes into putting a food truck on the road, so we wanted to get some input from our customers to hear what you want.

If you work in the Largo, Seminole, Clearwater area, let us know by taking our poll.



About Chef Anne

Chef Anne and her husband Rob, own The Deli Diva which serves divalicious sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and more at 1st Ave SW, in historic downtown Largo, Florida. Chef Anne is a culinary travel writer and book author. She has written weekly columns for AOL/Huffington Post and Tampa Bay Start, as well as many travel and food related articles for numerous publications. Her books are available for purchase here: Rob is a talented metal artist, creating commissioned pieces of all types for his clients. From sculptures and garden art, as seen at the deli, to decorative estate iron gates and fences, he does it all. Stop by and try something fabulous dahling! Open M-F 11am to 3pm
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6 Responses to Pastrami-Mobile Anyone?

  1. Nancy & Tom Edwards says:

    Hi Diva and Dude,
    The truck sounds like a quite the project. We have a concern. We have seen many small businesses over extend themselves and end up closing. You two seem like good business people and we would miss you now that we have found you. We took the cup of goulash over to Mom, we are sure she will enjoy it.
    Best wishes,
    Nancy& Tom Edwards

    • Hi Nancy and Tom!

      We know exactly what you mean about businesses over-extending themselves. It happens all the time. They open too many stores too quickly. What we are thinking about is just having one or two days a week that we take the truck on the road and the rest of the days we’d serve at the deli. We already have a vehicle that could be converted over so that’s why we’re considering it. But we certainly appreciate your concerns and we will definitely tread lightly if we go into this.

      Diva & Dude

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for you that the First Fridays have worked out so well. I can see why your loyal customers above might be concerned about you taking on more than you can handle. Being a bookkeeper, I wonder if you have taken into consideration that a mobile unit involves more overhead, not only gas and repairs for the truck, but additional insurance for the vehicle you use. You might consider starting a regular delivery service instead. You could charge a small delivery fee and hire someone to do deliveries a couple of hours each day. That might be a better option.
    Your loyal customer and friend.
    Carol Chiusano

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your comment. One of the reasons we’re doing the poll is to get an idea if there is any support on this. We’re fortunate that we already have a vehicle that could be set up with very little investment to serve our needs, and we’ve considered the costs of state licensening, permitting, insurance, etc. We never rush into anything. At this point, it’s just a thought we have and wanted our customers to weigh in on whether they would like to see us come out to their business locations.

      Glad to hear from you and hope to see you soon!

      • Anonymous says:

        My thinking when I sent my comment was that a Pastrami truck might serve the needs of larger businesses and make it easier for them to get their lunch where they work, but I myself work for a very small company of 2 – 3 employees and a delivery service would give us the option to have our lunch on site without having to go out as well. Food for thought…

      • We currently do deliver for free if you’re within a 2 mile radius of us, but we do ask that it be a $25 order or more. So hopefully you’re within our delivery area!

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