Over the Hump Day @ The Deli Diva!

Thanks for a great day yesterday to all our customers! We really appreciate your business. We know times are a little rough for so many right now, and that you have lots of choices of where to go to eat. When you choose us, we really do appreciate it and hope that you enjoy everything and keep coming back and bringing even more of your family and friends! 

Don’t forget to go over to the right side column on this page and subscribe. If you do, not only will you get updated on the daily specials each day, but within 24 hours after signing up, you’ll  be emailed a certificate for $5.00 to spend here at The Deli Diva! So sign up today!

We’ve got lots of new combo meals under $5.00 on our menu and $2 Nathan’s and/or Hebrew National (depending on which ones I cook each day) hot dogs. Our delicious homemade soups start at just $1.50 for an 8 oz cup.

Today’s soup is a Curry and Cream Turkey Soup.   I’ve said it before, but for you newer readers, let me say that curry is a spice and is not hot.    Most people hear the word “curry” and immediately associate it with hot Asian inspired foods, but the heat comes from other things they put in it…not from the curry itself. So, come on in and sample it….we always give free samples, and like the old commercial said….TRY IT-YOU’LL LIKE IT!

Ok Chocoholics…(you know who you are)   I’m making one of your favorites today….MOUNDS OF JOY!  These are my yummy coconut macaroons triple dipped and coated in delicious CHOCOLATE!  Mounds bar…watch your back! The Mounds of Joy are out to topple your throne! 😉

There’s always a reason to stop by The Deli Diva and we’re always happy to see you. Think of us as your neighborhood “Cheers” without the booze!


About Chef Anne

Chef Anne and her husband Rob, own The Deli Diva which serves divalicious sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and more at 1st Ave SW, in historic downtown Largo, Florida. Chef Anne is a culinary travel writer and book author. She has written weekly columns for AOL/Huffington Post and Tampa Bay Start, as well as many travel and food related articles for numerous publications. Her books are available for purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0080K92OW Rob is a talented metal artist, creating commissioned pieces of all types for his clients. From sculptures and garden art, as seen at the deli, to decorative estate iron gates and fences, he does it all. Stop by and try something fabulous dahling! Open M-F 11am to 3pm
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4 Responses to Over the Hump Day @ The Deli Diva!

  1. Bobbi says:

    OMG that Brownie yesterday with the butterscotch and frosting was to die for !!! It was so rich and chocolatey, I couldnt stop eating it ……definately filled my chocolate craving for the day !! Thanks so much for making them.

    • The Deli Diva says:


      Really glad you liked them…..and did I tell you that I take all the calories and guilt out of them! 😉

  2. Melanie says:

    Try the soup. I know, it’s June in Florida, but try the soup! I was skeptical of curry until I tasted a sample. Put the homemade croutons into the turkey soup and let them soak for a minute or two. Now taste – it’s like Thanksgiving dinner in a bowl. Yum! Soup can be very comforting in these uncertain times. It’s like a hug for your tummy.

    • The Deli Diva says:


      Thanks for your kind words and we’re so glad you enjoyed your soup today! We love getting feedback from our customers and we love making great foods for them to enjoy! 🙂

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