Making Chili for This Chilly Day!

 What better way to warm up on this chilly day than with a nice, meaty chili? I’ve got some simmering right now for you, so bundle up and stop by for yours!

Another great warming comfort food is the all time favorite…Mac and Cheese.  I’ve got some in the oven with a Diva twist to it. It’s got the usual cheddar cheese, but I kick it up with some other wonderful flavors of Italian cheeses and some other secret ingredients that turn this into cheesy, creamy mounds of a taste you just can’t get enough of! Come try some…only $4.95!

 If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, we’ve got you covered. How about a nice hot bowl of Artichoke Heart Soup? It’s so good I have to stop myself from eating it all up before you get here! 

If you’re in the mood for a nice sandwich, don’t forget we added our yummy chicken salad sandwich to the menu for just $6.25.  

  The Sandwich Special today is: The Italian Cuban. What?? Let’s just say it’s my Italian spin on the Cuban sandwich. We take thinly sliced roast pork, and  our Italian version of ham (Proscuitto)along with provolone cheese and some flame roasted red bell peppers. We put it on a hoagie roll drizzled with our vinaigrette and press it flat, just like a Cuban sandwich, on the panini machine. Come on it and try the Italian Cuban for just $6.00 today. (For large orders, please call ahead and we will have them pressed and hot for you when you want to pick them up.)

 Don’t forget our Brownie Bites! These little bites of delight are a rich chewy chocolate brownie with chocolate bits tucked inside and a smooth, rich fudge icing on top. Gotta have it! And at only 2/$1.00, treat yourself and your friends to some today!

Let’s do lunch @ The Deli Diva today!


About Chef Anne

Chef Anne and her husband Rob, own The Deli Diva which serves divalicious sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and more at 1st Ave SW, in historic downtown Largo, Florida. Chef Anne is a culinary travel writer and book author. She has written weekly columns for AOL/Huffington Post and Tampa Bay Start, as well as many travel and food related articles for numerous publications. Her books are available for purchase here: Rob is a talented metal artist, creating commissioned pieces of all types for his clients. From sculptures and garden art, as seen at the deli, to decorative estate iron gates and fences, he does it all. Stop by and try something fabulous dahling! Open M-F 11am to 3pm
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