Any Pitbull Literary Agents Out There?

woman writingAs the house fills with the delicious aroma of a roast beef slowly cooking, I am back at work on my book writing. I am a glutton for punishment, as they say. As if it’s not enough with all the hoops I have to jump through to get the Deli Diva open and serving the best sandwiches in the south, but I’m still hard at work writing in every spare moment I can find.

I’m spending this week interviewing some potential agents, and I’m looking for a real pitbull who will fight for me and my books. I certainly have enough battles to fight on my own, so I thought I would turn the battlefield of the publishing world over to the experts.

I am not even considering self-publishing as it just won’t get you into the main book outlets. They don’t deal with the self published books. These days anyone with an idea and a laser printer is writing and publishing a book…but if you ever ask them how many they sold, well that’s a sad tale. Without a good agent and a mainstream publisher it’s almost impossible to get placement in the brick and morter big boys of book stores.

I figure if I am going to put my time, blood, sweat and tears into writing books AND running the deli, then I better leave the book business to the professional agents who have the connections with the publishers and let them fight it out and cut me a deal. I don’t mind giving the agent their commission…a good agent is worth their weight in gold…GOOD being the operative word. There are alot of snakes out there looking to prey on the young and innocent new writer. Watch out, keep your guard up and always know who you are dealing with. If you have a good idea and can write in a way that captures the readers’ interest, then the good agents will want to work with you and you won’t have to self-publish, vanity publish or get screwed by the blood suckers!


About Chef Anne

Chef Anne and her husband Rob, own The Deli Diva which serves divalicious sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts and more at 1st Ave SW, in historic downtown Largo, Florida. Chef Anne is a culinary travel writer and book author. She has written weekly columns for AOL/Huffington Post and Tampa Bay Start, as well as many travel and food related articles for numerous publications. Her books are available for purchase here: Rob is a talented metal artist, creating commissioned pieces of all types for his clients. From sculptures and garden art, as seen at the deli, to decorative estate iron gates and fences, he does it all. Stop by and try something fabulous dahling! Open M-F 11am to 3pm
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